About the possible existence of multiple SAFE Networks

Depends on the license.

All SAFE Network and MaidSafe code is made available under GPLv3, BSD or MIT license

The GNU General Public License ( GNU GPL or GPL ) is a series of widely used free software licenses that guarantee end users the freedom to run, study, share, and modify the software.

BSD licenses are a family of permissive free software licenses, imposing minimal restrictions on the use and distribution of covered software

The MIT License is a permissive free software license originating at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)[5] in the late 1980s.[6] As a permissive license, it puts only very limited restriction on reuse and has, therefore, high license compatibility.

If your question is can you take the vault software, put your configuration file in it and make your own SAFE network with your own safecoin, the answer is that you can.


I believe many patents have been filed that should protect the Safe Network code in certain ways. Although I am not sure about what parts specifically are patented.


Can protect MaidSafe. The SAFE Network is a different thing. One is a company that we all love and we want all its employees and its creator to be rewarded as much as possible for their work. The other is a public good that belongs to all humanity…



It would be great if David could jump in here and give his take on how he plans to protect the network from ‘pirates’ forking the network and walking away with it, like JohnM mentioned in his post.


I suggest every investor to take a stick and fight with it the people who want freedom, security and privacy :lol:

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MaidSafe has patents in place regarding the technology upon which the SAFE Network is/will be built. However, the licenses are such that anyone can fork the code.

More specifically, the MaidSafe Foundation (rather than MaidSafe the company) holds the patents. The parents are meant to prevent others from claiming rights to and therefore preventing others from using the technology.

MaidSafe leverages a combination of MIT/BSD and GPL licenses because…

To be more specific:

Generally speaking, filed IP protections like trademarks, patents and copyrights (unlike trade secrets) can only do so much because you have to publish the “art”. That allows people to reverse engineer/engineer around a solution. Truly sustainable competitive advantages come from product quality, processes and operations.


and big, BIG sticks!



Maybe getting the creator of the first Internet to endorse Maidsafe (like he in a way sort of did with his “Solid” partnering, some time ago, whether or not that’s still happening) could solve some issues with efficiency+speed. It’d be cool to use the one that everyone is using—Maidsafe’s and Tim Berners-Lee’s—not some greedy corporation’s version. Also, if the largest one is supposed to be the most secure, people will want to use that one. Touting the very fact of that repetitiously would be a good way to ingrain it in people’s minds regardless of knowing how it all works.


Thanks for clarifying all this :+1:t2::wink:


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Alot of us are hoping some sort of snapshot will be used.

To avoid

  1. People messing it up (sending to wrong address )
  2. Possibly triggering things that make it a taxable event.

I know how to keep a pc reasonably safe.
I’m not sure on how safe a phone is.
Stick to what you know.

I read alot about Linux malware lately.


A snapshot is the best way too in my opinion. Issues I can see includes scammers selling MAID to people not realising the snapshot has been taken.

Would really need to advertise the “date” of the snapshot months in advance and advertise it afar. Those who have MAID and don’t hear about it are OK since they are just holding and not affected. And those active or new buying on exchange will either see the advertising or not be able to buy on exchange since they will halt trading on the deadline. But in anycase if they don’t they just stop deposits/withdrawals and do the conversion on the books and withdraw/deposit safecoin after the deadline.

Saves any mistakes and only requires a signed message sent to MaidSafe with the safecoin account#


Hm, the problem with this is that after the network launches MaidSafe can’t make any conversions. It’s all in the network then.

If the network launch will be a successful testnet out of many that is somewhat secretly chosen to be it, then it requires all MAID holders to be active and aware well before launch, and sign such messages for every testnet - just in case this is the one.

Doesn’t seem quite feasible.

Seems the genesis has to include all MAID holders somehow and accounts must have already been filled with the corresponding SC. These accounts must be the public keys of the MAID. The SC must then be accessible by the corresponding secret keys. This would allow MAID holders to have been away on Borneo, in coma or what ever, and chose to join the network at any time.

Problem with that is that any (of the later) testnet then requires all MAID trading to stop until it is clear if it was the one or not, which also seems a bit unfeasible to uphold.

IDK, haven’t had my morning coffee yet, maybe there’s an obvious answer here.


Its the same problem if people have to send their MAID to a burn or otherwise address and get SC for it.

In every case a signed message will be needed to identify the owner of the address.

Basically the issues you bring up are issues that plague both the snapshot and burn address. And this is a major point. The snapshot is safer for the coin holders and solves tax issues of trying to explain transactions. Easier to explain they were only tokens being exchanged and not traded.

At least with the snapshot you have a set time when everybody knows that the MAID is no longer tradable.

Possible solutions that I can think of without much research.

  • MaidSafe foundation is charged with sending the keys of the coin accounts with the SC corresponding to the MAID addresses,
  • They send the keys upon receipt of the signed message via the safe network or email. Coin holder’s choice.
  • If the network is only in later beta and needs restart then the coin owner already has the keys. (ie reuse same coin balance keys) Obviously when declared running system then this is not an option.

Some automated process that is substituted for MaidSafe Foundation in the First Idea.

I really do not see any other solution at the moment that is both secure and allows restarts if in beta. Also allows for people even years later claiming their safecoin. It only relies on when MaidSafe Foundation wants to stop the process or when all coins are claimed

EDIT: And another nice point of snapshot is that even if omni protocol is defunct some time after conversion is started there is no problems continuing converting people’s holding of MAID


I imagine the following possibility.

Maidsafe generates and holds 450 million coins in each test network. As before the first test network makes a smart contract on etherium in which against a signature people can get erc20MAID.

There are also 450 million coins in this contract, and anyone with MAID years later can get their safecoin.

To receive a real safecoin you have to send erc20MAIE to a burning address and MadeSafe will give you a safecoin in the network. Thus, all MADE will remain in circulation for the other SAFE networks, erc20MAID will be able to be listed on new exchanges and traded before burned when exchanged for safecoin.

I have never used ETH, so I’m in an uphill battle straight away in learning how to and taking the effort.

Too many steps in my opinion

Snapshot also requires NO BTC at all. Only sending one signed message


It’s super easy and works with 2 clicks compared to everything on the Bitcoin blockchain.

To use a smart contract on ETH you do not need BTC at all to. It is a smart contract + snapshot in it. So you claiming with signed message too…

Not really easier for the user and this is super important. The snapshot method

  • allows for “other” networks to allocate coins against your MAID since you do not move your MAID
  • one step process. Send a signed message, that is all
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Again, this is also a snapshot but you have erc20MAID coins that you can burn for the test SAFE network and you can trade them immediately on Dex. These are two huge pluses that deserve one step more…