About the absence of moderation in the SAFE network

I discovered recently the SAFE network project, and I find it a very ambitious and interesting one.

However, I was wondering about the negative effects of the absence of moderation in the SAFE network. If I understand it correctly, it is (or will be) possible for anyone to publish publicly on the network any file (whether it be image, text, video, etc.), and it will be impossible to be taken down by anyone.
Although I understand the goal of this is to avoid censorship by states or private compagnies (and I can only agree with that goal), what happens if someone, for example, publishes private information about another person, without their consent ? (it happens in cyber bullying for example, and can have dire consequences)
Or videos like revenge porn ? Or hateful content (racism, LGBT-phobia, advocating genocide, etc.).
Is there some mechanism to fight that ? I did not find anything on your website talking about this.
I think this is an important question that needs to be carefully considered.

Thank you.


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