About Elon Musk satellite internet integrating safe network

I was reading this post about a electric storm and what would you do if you had two years to prepare

So I got the idea that you guys should talk to Elon Musk/SpaceX, and make them understand that their sattelites might be a safe backup for the safe network in such a scenario, cause sattelites are protected from electric storms, so they could add into each sattelites the biggest drive they can ( I know weight is an issue for sattelites but we got now coming to market ssd 4d technology with up to 32tb of storage space) so that in a scenario where all hard drives die on earth we have safe network safe on space!!!

Is this the correct category for this to be heard by maidsafe?

Their drives would be fried first. No atmosphere with water vapour in it to reduce effect.

Also they are only putting up 12K satellites and even that is going to take a long time. The safe network is going to require a lot more storage than can be fit in the satellites.

Your better solution is to have underground vaults to put the nodes into.

You shouldn’t have said that, now we’ll have to do something about you:


Be prepared:

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