About economics

You have not considered supply/demand curve diagrams effects, so your assumption lacks angles.

Would it be true if you asked people who don’t know about coding, what code structure to use?

Then you don’t understand why you liked the posts about the economics joke above. If you can correct predict the future by looking at numbers from the past then you believe in magic. Because future prices depends on what happens in the world on makro and micro levels, news, progress, trend, randomness, usage, tech development, correlation and it goes on and on.

Why some are successful in TA is the same reason why some win lottery. Why have Warren Buffet underachieved if random dudes can sit with their TA and make magic eightball analysis.

" Did Warren Buffett outperform the market?

Over the past two decades, Buffett has done reasonably well against the index , actually beating the S&P 500 in 12 calendar years between 1999 and 2020. … In 2020, Berkshire Hathaway shares were up, but not by much (2%), against an S&P 500 that gained over 18%, with dividends reinvested, according to S&P Global."

If it’s a either/or choice then knowing opinions is no harm no fowl. More importantly you looked past my actual point which was

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It might be if in the future those who thought it was a decision starting to make demands. Some people earlier in thís topic tried to demand things based on polls.

If you think too hard about jokes anyways they aren’t as or funny at all man. It’s simply funny because it’s true but understandably so because it seems like a near impossible task but yet, a necessary one.

No one is calling economics stupid or economists useless idiots here.

No need to get pointed. Everyone is allowed to disagree on execution. I’m not mad at you for having a different opinion. I value your opinion but that doesn’t mean I’ll just agree with you just because. If you want to persuade someone you have to try and speak their language or in metaphors they might understand.
It’s about communication not just being right.


Spot on, I recently started this book (the title is somewhat crap) but the crux is basically the art of communication.

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I just wish you knew what I went through and what I achieved and sacrificed to learn about ecnomics, then you would respect me and what I say. That doesn’t mean that I’am always right but you should expect me to be right most of the times up to medium adavanced economics.

Opinions in economics is like assholes, everyone has one, and everyone who has one thinks they are right. The older I get the less patience I have for people who should know that their knowledge is limited in certain topics, and respect those with education in the subject.

If anyone would think economists would be stupid I could probably make them cry If I made them go through what I went through to learn about economics.

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That is an old book read by almost everyone that’s success relies on anyone else. Nice one @Josh

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Fair! I did mention that I respect your opinion already though, maybe you didn’t see that.

I don’t know your struggles and I don’t know your skill set or the level of profession you have achieved. To most everyone on the internet you are an avatar of a head shaped tree named tobbetj, and that it is.

That is why what you just said was effective communication. Now I know more about you and your experience but that also doesn’t mean it is a requirement for others to believe you or to agree with you. Some are skeptical or stubborn and they don’t know or care about your story. Why? Because they have their own and it may objectively be better or worse than yours but subjectively to them, much worse and so they aren’t good learners or listeners. Again, if you want to teach them then you have to make a clear connection via communication.

I know you want to bestow wisdom, just like neo. I also get that once you’re older you lose a bit of patience because I catch myself not caring as much or not wanting to waste time on things etc becoming more solidified in my opinions or views. It is a part of aging we have to fight to stay young and nimble minded. At the least just let some things roll off your back like water on a duck and you’ll be happier for it.

Couldn’t agree more on opinions are like assholes. Every time I hear “if I were president” I shutter at the rube speaking at me but we all venture out of our wheelhouses, usually to expand our knowledge and for others to seem like smarty pants. I am a pretty simple guy myself but I do try to push my envelope. I will listen to almost anyone as long as they don’t talk in absolutes, at which point I start to get skeptical.

Anyways, thanks for sharing more and providing some context. It’s much better than the alternative.