A World with Privacy, Security and Freedom


Are there any artists (writers) out there willing to imagine some years into the future when the world is a different place? I’d be keen on reading some futuristic drama you could dream up. Put maidsafe at the center somehow. If it existed today I’d buy my copy and spread it throughout the interwebs…


I’ve actually seen this idea already at the ethereum forum already. It’s definitely something we should try to make happen.

The good news is that Karl Schroeder seems to be active on the crypto forums so maybe we can get in touch with him to see if he is interested?

I also remember to have read a several part sci-fi story on a crypto blog recently that really had me thinking. It was great writing and an even better storyline. Nothing too crazy, but really made me wonder about the possibilities. One thing that caught my eye was that the one of the more important part of life was the amount of computing power that you could buy from a computing corp (SAFE network anyone :smile: )

I can’t seem to find it but if I do I’ll be sure to post the link


Found it.

The blog is called Thought Infection and the sci-fi story is Isaac’s Escape.


Currently writing a pilot that incorporates all of these ideas… my writing partner and I should be (hopefully) finished with a locked draft soon… We’ve been working on it for the last 6 months.


Just read the 5 posts. Pretty cool stuff so far. A bit freaky as I’m sure it’s supposed to be. Thanks for sharing.


Cory Doctorow is probably your man. He’s a right on and active defender of privacy who understands the tech and writes excellent (according to twitter feedback) futuristic sci-fi on these very issues. I think Homelands is the currently current hot title, but haven’t read any myself.

PS I tweet him occasionally to shamelessly name drop MaidSafe but no nibbles so far.


The safe machines that betrayed the people

Governments around the world had been following ProjectSAFE from the start. Once the code was made public, they commenced fashioning it to run ‘whole of government’ systems.

Polling told governments, that the only thing holding back a National/International ID system and full metal surveillance, was the publics concern over data security.

The public, definitely wanted the bad guys caught.

These were valid concerns, data security indeed was a big problem worldwide.

The solution was in, the Maidsafe system was fully tested for government, but the will of the people would still be required…how to get this public consensus.

There had to be a strong reaction in order to implement the solution and thus, complete the hegelian Dialectic

The solution would be arrived at over the course of 5-10 years, a steady series of ‘leaks’ ever more shocking, would be planned. These leaks would totally demoralize the public into believing they had no privacy and all data was unsafe, whether public or private…everything was hackable by big brother or worse…terrorists and rogue governments.

Slowly, slowly is the Fabian way…step by dialectical step.

The unorganised masses, now being completely demoralised begged for a solution and what do you know, we now have it. The public agree, there can longer be reason for concern of data security and so it follows mass collection of surveillance data is acceptable.

But wait, there’s more…international travel so much of a hassle now, long waits, scanners…wouldn’t a world ID system be relevant now we have zero data leakage?

I know, lets use a blockchain, we’ll store it as a file on the governments SAFEplatform and give everyone a satoshi address as an identifier…brilliant!

You know, global warming is now a real problem, we are in peril…carbon must be reduced. The only way to reduce carbon in any meaningful way is for everyone to reduce their ‘footprint’. Luckily Google has been working to create a global inventory of all natural things we have that database, sweet!

We’ll start measuring all inputs along the supply chains and calculate the real cost to the system and price accordingly, nice little earner. Next we’ll need to measure what each individual consumes daily and come up some kind of average that we can sustain.

Ok, we have the average carbon allowance for every human in the system…how we going to police it…? Blockchain again…brilliant! We’ll introduce mandatory crypto currency across the planet, cash will be outlawed. We can now track all inputs and outputs, spends and saves, we know what everyone’s preferences are and we can track their movements…this is good for the world community.

We still need to track peoples energy consumption…oh yes we have the ‘smart meter’ network for that, we track their movements via energy usage around the house and even shut down the supply if they go over their carbon limit.

The people were Free, Secure and trusted their Privacy to .Gov

All was good in SAFEland, the politicians layed around reading their copies of Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’…until, one day… ‘cue dark music’


Aha! The classic nature vs nurture George Bernard Shaw illusion as applied to cryptography. Makes you wonder why The London School has been pushing so hard for reset from Lord King’s safe distance in Australia. Never gonna happen (cough, cough).

Who can even imagine a world absent of Hugo Salinas Price “folding money”? Even coke machines accept folding money now and bank ATM’s finally are accepting fiat deposits again in exchange for tracking serial numbers… you get instantaneous availability on cash deposits… woohoo!

This Chris guy has some imagination… blockchain for means testing your diaper purchases to enforce a one-child policy? Who’s he kidding?

Gotta run, the guy from the power company is here to install my smartmeter…