A voluntary society relative to money, much more important than 'the market'

The thing that is always missing and the thing that is bigger than any consideration of money or not having money is simply this:

In a society with automation, not doing anything involuntary for money is the starting point for a worthwhile society.

This means if you wouldn’t do on its own you won’t be asked to do it for money and you certainly will never need to. It means some things won’t get done until automation gets around to it. But its the most important concept. A rich society is one in which non one does things for money that they otherwise wouldn’t. In a typical developed society for a minority of the wealthy, their wealth has a stunning utility in that they have never known having to do things for money that they otherwise wouldn’t and they also are unwilling to chase money. This should be the natural state of every child born into a society any degree of resources plus the current level of automation.