A useful, critical taxonomy of decentralization, beyond blockchains - Cory Doctorow

Here’s a very interesting thread by Cory Doctorow touching on the differences, both technical and governance between web3 and p2p exploring ideas of global redundancy (cf. Blockchain) and subsidiarity (more interopretational).

I’m still reading but think there will be useful nuggets here for Safe Network and in general about positioning wrt web3 and more distributed approaches, particularly around governance (@Heather_Burns).

Twitter thread:

Notes on global redundancy and subsidiarity:

There’s an essay version here:



@happybeing, Thanks for calling attention to this piece. I (belatedly) dug into it after seeing it highlighted in a recent summary from this forum and found the discussion of ‘subsidiarity’ vs distributed ledgers (blockchain/global redundancy) very helpful. The Wired article he references was also illuminating. Still processing…