A tale of two ICOs

A Tale of Two ICOs: How Maidsafe, Tezos Endangered Own Projects With Critical Mistakes


This post is notable not because of it’s discussion of the ICO fiasco, but because Maidsafe is still being referred to as a distributed file storage platform. That description does not do this gargantuan project it’s due credit and hoping the excellent Maidsafe team can rectify this marketing miscommunication.

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I’m fairly new to the community and didn’t know the history surrounded the ICO. Maidsafe seems to have much more to offer than some other approaches of exploiting blockchain technology. Indeed, ‘file-sharing’ seems to be a gross misnomer. This being the case, I still find it refreshing to find a community that seems to be more concerned with the development of a worthwhile project rather than what seems to be happening with other ICOs, (finding a problem to solve, and then relying on marketing to drive funding.)

It seems difficult for non-programming enthusiasts to wrap their heads around what this project has to offer. Hopefully in the future Maidsafe will find it’s place alongside other networks which are attempting to develop technology with a similar level of innovation. As well as these kind of editorials, cross-platform endorsements from existing projects help to garner greater interest in those projects.

Maidsafe seems to be more independent in it’s approach of building a unique network than those projects which exploit existing technologies, perhaps for this reason marketing and communications are vital to attracting wider interests and talents. Maybe there is more scope for involvement in this area in some way.

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