A sudden shut down or network line cut

What if when farming coumputer is suddenly shut down or let it’s network line cut ?
How can we retrieve the piece of data in that computer?

Data is held on more than one computer so if any is ever lost it is available at several other random locations, and the network quickly makes a new copy to make up for any vault that disappears, or fails to deliver data when asked.

You can find more about how data is stored and secured in the SAFEnetwork Wiki FAQ


@happybeing answers a different question, I think.

The data stored on your computer’s SAFE Vault will still be there. One of the features in development is data-republish. When your vault logs back on, the data can be verified as valid and be retained as useful to the network. I’m not sure if there will be a time (or other) limit on how long you can be off long and still retain the data usefully (since it will have been duplicated in your absence), but it’s not an instant thing.


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