A Sporting Theory of the Republican Voter

The basic ideology is that there are winners and there are losers. That rich people are winners and poor people are losers. That the importance is in winning with stuff like natural selection rah rah rah. They put all this stuff forward and give it more explanatory power than it needs or deserves. But here is what goes on, these see these sports teams- maybe they never even played sports in school, but they see the sports player and they want to identify with it- I think actually the less athletic ability the more likely to be a sports fan but anyway they see this, they envy this and they want to identify with it. They don’t want to identify with being a “loser.” They want to identify with identify with the employer, so they wear the Jersey and they go to the game and they have a side and they watch Weasel news- they are completely identified, so they identify more with the sports team owner than the player because the owners are richer but when it comes times to vote they vote for Republicans, they literally vote for people who want to enslave them, that want them to work for nothing and never have a waking second where they are not at work and basically have no rights. And they have these extreme delusions about what a free market would be, it’s always like the free market is like the free game or something. We’ve seen it historically, it doesn’t work. So they are begging to be enslaved and they are always trying to identify with the people who would enslave them and they are literally, I mean the Patriot Act is nothing (just a start) and they are chomping at the bit for people who say, “look at these deluded sports fans” they need to be enslaved they are a threat to our power. And this is very clear, and this is the sort of pablum they feed them, they identify with the very people who are trying to take everything they have away from them. And those people see them as pack animals born to be enslaved born to have a chain around their neck. The slavery is elevated to the level of spirituality. India caste was more democratic than Russian spiritual dog breeding. But this crap is being replayed in the US.

Pointing it out this elephant is all it takes to break the mad trance of people who think they are lemming flying off the cliff en mass. So, you you’re not a fat, rich, lazy white man you have to have your head up your ass to vote Republican. How can you be pro 911, pro Katrina, pro Financial Melt down, pro WW3 without having you’re head planted just so.

One thing that could really free us from the GOP aside from allowing those who finished their incarcerations to vote is beginning to point out to GOP Christian base that Christ was liberal to the core and died in a fight against conservatism.