A shout out to John Ferguson (aka Fergish / The Simpleton of SAFE)

I recently listened to the last of John’s educational series at http://www.safecrossroads.net/safe-network-school/. I’m planning, when I get time, to re-listen and read along on the wiki. I just felt moved to thank John for this great effort, it’s been immensely helpful. John has a donation page and I just sent him some bits of a bitcoin to express my appreciation. http://www.safecrossroads.net/contribute/ If anyone hasn’t followed John’s podcast yet, I’d warmly recommend it.


Thank you so much, Peter. I appreciate your generosity.

The donos I occasionally get do help and are very meaningful.

Knowing that people find the work useful is worth a lot, but when energy is attached it’s better! :blush:


You’re very welcome. Cheers John :slight_smile:

I even didn’t know about it or didn’t remind it because I’m following to many projects not related to maidsafe.
Definitly missing some good things.

Nice website and a great place to learn some extra on the deeper workings of safe network.
I Like it 2 !

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