A section of the forum to discus off line physical decentralization

I was thinking it might be prudent to have a section of the forum to discus offline physical decentralization and political/economic matters that, while not directly related to SAFE, could be heavily related to SAFE and influenced thereby. So for example take the policing and government thread that crept up where I talked about decentralizing base needs like power, water, food, waste reclaimation and such. The topic of actually doing this could be expanded. While urban agriculture, green energy, and composting and or green waste reclaimation doesn’t NESSESARILY relate directly to SAFE it COULD be facilitated thereby by SAFE by sharing say an informational network, apps which incentivize development of improved designs, labour sharing and networking apps, using safecoin as a mode of payment for services rendered, SAFE as a means of communication, seed exchange networks, crowdfunding, political awareness and mobilization, all that kind of thing. I’m grossly summarizing here but I’m just trying to give you an idea of how offline decentralization projects could interact with the SAFE network and thereby the two are closely linked. Already we’ve seen many app ideas spring up but not always is the discussion of these issues directly related to the creation of an APP. Sometimes you just want to discuss the issue itself. And this isn’t exactly off topic as it does relate to the SAFE network and can inspire further development for the network, as i have outlined above. For example a failing postal service might inspire the creation and/or development of a SAFE based courior app and network. A lack of a water treatment system might mean support into biological plant based water treatment and a seed exchange program (and integration with the above courier system). Or the reverse might be true. Government censorship on the clearnet might mean an offline program of usbstick trading of SAFE software packages so people can get on the SAFE network.

But do y’all see where I’m going with this?