A Safe Rss or Newsletter

In order to ensure compliance with the upcoming GDPR rules, I spent some time modifying my clearnet website to avoid collecting any sort of data, while keeping the possibility to be contacted ( with email obfuscation instead of contact forms ) and to diffuse news to my customers ( with Rss or Twitter subscription instead of newsletter ).

This lead me to ask myself what will be possible in Safe in this field : how can I diffuse news to a userbase when I can’t access their IDs / safemail / whatever.

A Safe RSS alternative would be really interesting : a safe website owner could broadcast to a Safe feed, without knowledge of who is listening.
People can subscribe to the feed by following a safe link on the safe site… The feed adress is stored somewhere in their personal container. A dedicated Safe app then monitors the feed version, if it sees a change it fetches the content and blinks a signal to the user.

Other than : SAFE broadcast system , which is more about a Safe related feed, I don’t find much about it in the forum.

Could be a really nice addition to the Safe-CMS , or safe Plume ?


I’m not sure what the options will be for this - depends on what SAFE itself provides. In Solid they have a system based on web sockets but I haven’t looked into that. For the time being I think we should assume it will involve polling a known MD for updates.


Indeed it seems a MD is perfect for this : it even has versioning so you see from far away if it changed. I suppise a basic RSS system based on this could be relatively straightforward to implement , maybe that could make a modest CEP goal if some folks want to chew that :slight_smile:


I mentioned RSS to Shane in the CMS thread, RSS would be awesome to have on SAFE. Nice thinking, @nice :smile: