A safe party some where in the world!

When SafeNetwork is up and running and we all have enough cash ( I mean, safecoins ) we all have to promise here to hold a party somewhere in the world…maybe in Scotland (?) to celebrate this awsome project! What do you say ? Who is in ??

I am ( hamarana )


I’m definitely in. There has also been talk of parties in Scotland when MAID hits $1 and $2.

With launch as well, that’s three parites. I’m up for that, though living in Scotland it’s pretty easy for me!

Maybe one party should be near the new offices in India?


Sure ! 1 or 2 dollars?? hmm. I think when the SafeNetwork marketing is on we will see the price rise to the level of hundreds of dollars in a flash… then it will be a wild party … either Scotland or India. or both … we will be able to be there !! :slight_smile:

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If it rises to a level of hundreds of dollars I’ll be having a party in Scotland, India and plenty of other places :joy:


Hundreds of dollars. Wow. We could arrange a monthly party schedule:grin::rofl::rofl::sweat_smile:


Sorry to play Dad and hijak the thread :laughing:

But in addition to the ‘launch’ and ‘$1/$2 parties’ I hope come launch at the very least all the regs get together and pool some Safecoins to be sent back to Core Team so they can all take their partners/significant others/pets on a decent break.

From what I recall hearing only a couple of them have direct skin in the game.

A few forum members will do this off their own back I know but I think a pretty decent collection would be forthcoming if it was everyone together saying thanks.

Just thought I’d plant the seed now for when the time comes :wink:


Really great idea. I would love to be a part of that as well.
Well personally I don’t hold really good amount of Maidsafe as I joined really late. My party plan would be effective only if it reaches to thousand dollars at least. :crossed_fingers:

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I’ll host a party in Australia when SAFE Coin hits $100 :v:


i’ll be making a party in Italy when it’ll reach hundeds of dollars. I hope it will be special time in which we’ll celebrate this amazing project. We really need this huge idea, we need this revolution.
Everyone is welcome if you want to join in future! :wink:

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Why not try to combine a party with some kind of fundraising for a worthy cause? SAFE needs to be seen for what it is by the outside world, an effort to make the world a better place rather than just a ‘greed race’ like most of crypto. We’ll get a lot of bad press when the wheels of power start to turn against us. I think a launch party would be a great opportunity to demonstrate what’s really important to this community. Money is important, but only so that we can do some good with it.

At the ETH devcons they all drink fiji water and meet up in tropical locations to celebrate their newfound wealth. I think we can do better than that and reinforce the message of what SAFE is really all about… redistributing some digital wealth and power back to the average Joe.

If SAFE is at $10+ then a lot of us will be in a position to contribute to something we can all feel really good about. I’d feel proud to attend an event where we raised millions for really important causes and projects. If we’re just celebrating our own wealth without considering those less fortunate then really we’re no better than the guys who sit at the top of the pyramid today.

Let’s have a ‘re-green the desert’ party in Africa somewhere and fund the building of some huge swales or open an elephant sanctuary or something.

I don’t want to come off as self-righteous. Obviously we all deserve to enjoy the fruits of our labour and risks we took that paid off. Crypto is all about the lambos at the moment though. It wasn’t like that in 2015 and I don’t think that has helped us. A launch party seems like a great opportunity to me, we could have fun, enjoy our successes and feel good about helping others and the network reputation all in the same breath. win-win-win-win. :slight_smile:


I think this is a great idea. Personally the main reason I want to be wealthy is so I can dedicate my time to doing what I can to help people escape poverty, rather than to waste wealth on things I don’t need (e.g. lambos!).

I’m certainly no fan of people wasting money on themselves when it could be changing someone’s life for the better.

I guess it’d be tricky to find causes that everyone agrees on. Perhaps there could be suggestions, then a poll, and the top 3/5 causes all receive some proceeds of generosity from the Safe community?

It’d be great if there could be causes that were related to the safe network. Maybe funding computer skills courses to help some poorer people access better employment opportunities, or employ a number of poorer Indian computing students to work full time (~$7k + office space etc per person per year) learning to develop apps for the SAFE network? This would give the recipients new skills & opportunity, plus support the SAFE network?

Just random thoughts, which may well not be practical / beneficial, but in principle I agree it would be great to focus on solving issues for those who don’t have wealth, rather than flaunting or wasting wealth that, hopefully, we’ll have in the not too distant future.


Probably best to choose a few causes so people can donate to the stuff they believe in. We will almost certainly disagree on what a worthy cause is otherwise. Maybe combine it with bitgive/givetrack so we can all donate to specific causes on their platform or something.

Exposure to (or partnership with) charities is a really good thing imo. They could get their supporters farming and donating safecoin as a free way to give (poorer people are usually more generous, but have less to give), they could also turn their ‘spare’ resources over to SAFE for the same ends.