A SAFE alternative to Medium?


I couldn’t find any existing discussion about a Medium alternative - apologies if I am just suffering from Domestic Blindness . .

I have been using Medium for some time and it does have many attractions - but there are also some annoyances - some of which could be fixed in an equivalent SAFE app. Of course the main issue is the Network Effect - M is already solidly in the space . . even so, I think a SAFE version would do very well . .



Yes, it absolutely could be.

Medium isn’t technically complex to implement. Much like Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is the challenge of getting users and network effect to gravitate people towards it.

In the case of Medium, the subscription fees are distributed to writers based on other member’s reading time. IMO, this is the core tenet and the bit that makes it unique. The hosting of articles is relatively simple.

The interesting question would be whether it could be automated on safe network, imo. You could certainly have an application that divides up payments based on member claps for other member articles though.


Hmm . . interesting . . I will keep an eye on this possibility as SAFE gets closer to going live . .