A rough guide to Installing a Linux VM for testnets


I thought I would write a guide on how to install a Linux machine as a Virtual Machine on Windows. You can then use Linux during the test networks. I have been doing this for the previous tests and its worked well.

  1. Firstly download VMware Player from the below link


  1. Find the file in your download folder and follow the installation wizard steps. All the options can be left as standard.

  2. Download your linux installation file of choice. I used UBUNTU for the test nets.
    Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu

  3. Open VMware Player

5.Click on Player in the top left corner and select File > New Virtual machine

  1. You now need to select the Linux installation files you downloaded in step 3. Click the browse button and select the installer file.

  1. Click next. Enter user name and password details etc. Step through the wizard. All settings can be left as standard. After you have completed the installing wizard the Operating software will start installing.

  2. Once completed the login window will appear and you can now log in with the details enetered during setup.


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You can also just enable the WSL2 Windows feature and then install Ubuntu from the Microsoft App Store. I think you can also install Fedora from the App Store if you prefer the RedHat ecosystem.

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