A Rockerfella saying she is ditching Exxon as it will become public enemy #1 and get taken down

A Rockfellow know by the nick of Janitor looks forward to investing in Russian Oil and Gas companies before that happens :slightly_smiling:

Trump will get elected so I don’t think that will happen.
A lot of Bernie’s supporters will ultimately vote for Donald, not for the Clintons Clan.

I won’t vote for Clinton. Trump can’t stop the death of oil, coal, gas. There is nothing in this world that can stop it now. I don’t think Hillary is electable. To everything she said Trump could simply call her puppet and she would lose. He’s a puppteer and not much better with horrid policies- not sure he’d make it through the first half of his term but how much has she taken from oil, gas and coal even by proxy through Wall St.

But the issue is so powerful that the rich will become poor over it and many end up fleeing the county with huge finanacial losses and no possible scenario where there would ever be reparations. I think the issue drives money out of US politics permanently. A million 911s wouldn’t stop it only accelerate it. There is also the possibility although incredibly slip that the Donald will turn on the Republic party and its values. That would be totally hilarious. He is helping highlight why money must be driven completely out of politics forever. No more lobbying and no more money stewardship arguments.

Will Ferril flipping to her is ridiculous he looks puppetized, has to be blackmail? We will get to where media firms that have sponsorship can’t cover elections and where politicians can’t take money without long prison terms.

This issue is just like profit for criminals (not yet convicted) getting in the way of doing something about a huge rock coming at the planet. Its going to accelerate the permanent change in our economic system as well.