A Real Estate DAO for property in Australia?


I have been interested in the possibilities of DAOs ever since I came across them on this forum. I am wondering if people have suggestions about an idea I have for Australia:

  • I have been working on this project (life causing the usual distractions) for about 10 years: http:/lev.com.au - which is aimed at people who are interested in creating a community with foci on health, longevity and eco-friendliness.
  • The first building is close to being finished and I am planning for another 11 on the site - other participants will get involved probably via Community Title land ownership arrangements.
  • As well as the new buildings, I am planning to buy up a block of 7 units immediately adjacent to the development to eventually integrate that into to the Village as well (I am currently living in one of the units in the block).
  • Another of the units in this adjacent block is for sale (https://www.raywhite.com/nsw/cowra/1565953/) and I am thinking of buying it - asking price AUS$129K (it is a small unit but still very cheap compared to Sydney prices) and borrowing from my bank on an interest-only loan would cost me about 5.7%.

I am wondering if there is some way of setting up a DAO that will allow people to get involved with my LEV development and buy this unit that is currently for sale? - so I can minimise the amount of business I do with the bank and benefit like-minded people somehow. Perhaps the DAO could own shares in my development company? At the moment I am not sure exactly what benefits members of the DAO would get for their investment but there are various possibilities I can think of and people here will probably have cleverer ideas than I do . .

Anyone who has suggestions about possibilities should feel free to comment here or mail me privately if they want more specifics about the current setup etc.


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Hi Phil,

There is this company in the Netherlands doing real estate on the blockchain.

People can buy shares for as little as 1,19 euro’s, the thing is: the monthly payout is a joke
and you can’t easily sell your shares (something we’ve got use to in cryptoland).

As for the AUS$129K unit, I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but even if you buy this and
renovate it, would you be able to rent or sell it for double the price? Selling at double the
price seems like the only thing that would make this attractive for investors.

Now if you start buying/selling real estate in a place like Monaco, things might get interesting.
Also translating cryptocurrency to fiat currency would be a challenge.

Pessimism aside maybe you could get 129 people to invest $1000 each, what would be fun is
if their dao token enabled them to stay in the house for vacation for instance. And if they could
reserve/rent/discuss the price online. For $3000 you could have only 43 people playing that game.

Maybe you could also farm SAFEcoin from the house and split up the revenue. Coinmarketcap is
getting boring, it would be fun if you clicked on a coin and you would see: partially ownership of a
house, more interesting if the coin could grant you access. Whatever you do go green and generate
your own energy to cut costs. I’m clueless, but hope the blandlord thing gets you in the right direction
of how to set this up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting! - thanks for that - I am hoping there are people here who will have ideas about how to create DAOs on SAFE . .

I don’t want to re-sell houses that form part of the Village - in fact I would like the Village to grow by buying further adjoining houses - but then comes the issue of why people would want to get involved if there is no short / intermediate term, mercenary interest but see below . .

Yes, this is one of the ideas I was thinking of! Australia gets a HUGE number of backpacker tourists and while the Central West of NSW is not a big tourist region, it is still interesting. In round figures, if there were 365 tokens at cost of AUS$400 each, that would cover the cost and I could set up a booking system so that owners could schedule house visits per year for durations according to the number of tokens they owned - and they could share them among their friends so long as the booking in the system was signed off on by the owner. At other times it could be used via AirBnB etc.

I already want to do that in the Village itself anyway in combination with creating a “mini-power” utility for the Village itself but also potentially for providing electricity to the neighbourhood or back to the grid (at better than the current pathetic “feed-in” tariff rates).

Thanks for the quick response!


If your village can work like a company (collectively create products (generate energy, grow food, hackerspace etc) it might get interesting for people who want to live there.

Always play with your tokens, your tokens can become your village’s community currency. You could also incentivize people to hold your token like, 20% off if you have the token to rent a room or get groceries. It would be fun to see that every time you add a new house to your village you guys issue more of the same token. Money should constantly move and not be stuck on accounts doing nothing.

You don’t want to ever use AirBnB (third party taking a cut, even deciding if your allowed on their platform), your token holders are you promoters, more over it could make them money, if every month they receive a little rent money. Your village website on the SAFE Network could be one of your portals.


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I need to work out how to set up that token operation - is there someone who can help me with that exercise? I am thinking that the tokens can be exchanged for SAFEcoins in the future?

I don’t really have a choice in the initial period - I need to get started quickly and start getting any return I can. Having said that though, I would really like to set up some SAFE-based mechanism that will help build the physical and virtual communities and spread the idea of “Life Extension Villages” around the country more. The first house has just started going up - and while it is going up quickly now (finally - after all the delays):


it is still not going up fast enough. We think the original Swiss-designed technology can be improved upon so that nearly ALL of the house could be factory-built and assembled in a few days on site while still maintaining the very high quality and engineering of the building.

Ideally I would like to set up the equivalent of AirBnB for the LEV and SAFE but at the moment AirBnB has the people numbers . .

IMHO you have two options for now to create a token, without to much costs

You can use Openchain to create your coins and send/receive for free.

Or use Bancor, this option will enable your token to have instant liquidity (Your community can use their decentralized exchange to exchange your community token for other tokens).

Play here :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately for the moment you’ll have to wait until Bancor enable their “crowdsale” option.

(Update you have Youtube clips, good man) I would advice you to make clips of this process, nowadays with a working product (house) you can do a ICO. Investors are willing to give you money in exchange for your token if it will become profitable or useful for them. To get an idea look here: https://www.smithandcrown.com/icos/

Swarm.city might give you an idea, about the AirBnB approach

Good luck with what you do sir, good to read that things have finally started to take off, if you have any questions still just ask. :stuck_out_tongue:


Many thanks for all of that! - there is a lot to learn (and be cautious) about . .

I will investigate doing my own ICO but it seems people will not be that interested until I can demonstrate that returns via AirBnB or longer-term rentals are going to give them some sort of decent return but the main reason behind doing this is to create real and virtual Life Extension communities who can make use of the coin internally as well.

It would be nice if I could set up a world-wide network of people who are interested in LE generally and who could not only make use of residential places of other people (in a similar way to AirBnB) but could also invest in the project as well.

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