A question about the test safecoins & my toughts about safecoin

so this is what i am reading in the FAQ:

When will I be able to start using the SAFE Network?
The SAFE Network is under active development and new features will be added and rolled out over the coming weeks and months. It is anticipated that users will be able to login to the network, provide some resources to it and receive test safecoin in return imminently. Shortly after, the first of the SAFE applications will be released and will include storage and messaging functionality.

–> ar these safecoins already the real deal? Will i be able when launch happens to use them? Or are are they just for testing and nothing worth afterwards?

Thanks in front for your answer :slight_smile:

Anyhow, these days nothing is secure anymore. There is less and less respect for privacy. Take belgium for example, the goverment will put pressure on a law so they can rent hackers to hack anything legally. And already over the whole world goverments are getting green lights to look into data. There will be a crash comming. companys will search for other medium to store their data more safer. So if you ask me, safecoin can become a huge succes! I’m in for sure!

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No, test Safecoin are not real Safecoin.

By helping to test you will learn about farming and can bet ready to farm real Safecoin on day one. This will be worthwhile because the rewards should be higher in the early days.


If you’re wondering whether MAIDsafe coin is the same as Safecoin. It will be. MAIDsafe coin will be exchanged 1:1 for SAFEcoin once the network is fully live.

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