A question about overhead and coin value

Okay, so as the maidsafe team your idea is get paid by the value of your coin I assume, right? It’s kind of like a stock buy in a company.

But at the same time you’re going to be inviting people over with a much lower overhead cost but if the coin value goes up, won’t the overhead price go up too ruining the draw of ‘lower overhead’? There’s probably a simple answer but I’d really like to see maidsafe get out there because this looks like one of the most promising altcoins I’ve run into after discovering ethereum and being introduced to this world.

The network balances number of coins it **HAS"" to pay out against resources available. This is done in real time. An easy example is

  1. Network sees lots of space available - reduces farming payouts

  2. Network sees space decreasing - increases farming payout

This happens around a resource available figure of approx 33% (currently being measured/tested tc. ) so the network actually stores circa 33% more than it needs to and can remove some of these extra bits of data to make room for new data. In doing so it knows it need to increase farming to get back to it’s excess levels of resource.


So you’ll have an infinite amount of coins?

No we wont, but they are recycled. As folks pay for space (also balanced using same algorithm, plus amount of clients verses vaults) the coins get recycled (deleted).


oooh neat, i like that