A proposal for testing out all possibilities

I propose there to be multiple testnets running in parallel and there to be a software for vaults and others that will enable some testnet to come up as the best.

-have multiple testnets.
-a vault system that supports lots of vaults and testnets
-apps and browsers etc can switch through testnets on the fly or even use it in parallel too.

a vault system that can host mutiple vaults from multiple testnets. where the system will allocate from x storage space given and y testnets x/(y*2) to each testnet and then the user for the x/2 would choose where to participate (there should be a system also that shows the stats like testsafecoin reward for each testnet so the host can choose the “best” testnet each day and “vote” for it by hosting more storage.)

the testnet that will be more stable and will attract more people will then be tested as the only testnet and be applied to the final network

an example of a vault system I propose:

the user got 1TB drive to “give” to the network.

500gb are divided to all the test networks

500gb are the users choice to “gain most rewards” and “help vote” for the best test network

such voting will show us which inmplementation will make people participate quickly and which network can respond fastest and all the info we can get by having a regular testnet but this time we test mutliple testnets

in this way the maidsafe team can in parallel test lots of scenarios, like PtP PtC PtWhatever that have been suggested