A potential future where there is no privacy

If we look at the arc of tecnology and project it far enough its quite possible to imagine a scenario where its all known and there isn’t any privacy not even by accident because there are no variables left and not even any mystery.

Some future state of humanity or post human state mat take all the mystery out of everything. But we have people in the here and now (famously Zuckerberg of FaceBook) who that its inevitable and just arround the corner and that we shouldn’t fight it because its a losing battle against technology or an inevitable consequense of societal expectations and tech.

Most of us understandibly reject this ouright. My point for bringing it up is the thought that when are ready for that it wont be a problem, but not a moment sooner! Its a long ways off. As a foot note for those that find the notion preposterious its a notion from sci fi (time eye etc.) that can examine every portion of space time instantly with ease and make the connections. Good luck with passwords with that looking over your shoulder.

There is a potential future where everyone has total privacy that wants it. No one can tell what you’re thinking, there is no mind reading and the govt has been overthrown. The world is a peaceful place where everyone lives in harmony and the act of war is frowned upon by all. Post-human races can all communicate with their minds and there is no more need for the internet. Memories are made perfect with solid state drive implants.

There are more need for passwords because a thought and a nod is enough.

And advertising is banned.


I’d like that future. Dont want the planned Chinese state social capital number system.