A plan to rescue the Web from the Internet

Hi Everyone, this isn’t exactly a related project, more just musings on the space and motivations for projects like this. The basic premise is that tech giants have used the open web to build their own Closed Cyberspaces, which have become so big and self-sufficient that they compete with and threaten the open web.


It goes on to talk about mobile ad-hoc and mesh networks and Scuttlebutt (a gossip protocol) and how awesome it would be to roll out decentralised systems and infrastructure in developing nations before Facebook et al get traction with their subsidised status quo. It talks about the Wirenet, which is the current state of affairs with intercontinental cables controlled by governments with bandwidth divvied up by Internet Service Providers, vs the Airnet which would be a giant mesh network consisting of phones, computers etc that talk directly to each other through each other without the requirement for ISP’s and government controlled cables.

I’m still new to the SAFE Network and learning about it, but is it something that could be viable with limited or intermittent internet connectivity like what is talked about in this article, or does it require full visibility of the network to function?


this is such a good read!

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Glad you like it. Although not mentioned in detail in the article, I think the Scuttlebutt is a pretty interesting concept. Being a gossip protocol, it isn’t real time but is very resilient. It can run on the web, a local private network, or if need be by passing around usb keys.