A MaidSafe Christmas

Merry MaidSafe Christmas! :christmas_tree: :santa:

With things coming together nicely these days, would it be a possibility that a stable and permanent SAFE Network is available for the world around Christmas time?

I know it’s probably an impossible question to answer, but I just thought I’d make a cheery prediction and say that…

…SAFE would be the BEST Xmas gift ever!!

:cherries: :christmas_tree: :gift: :snowflake: :santa:


Hey what the heck why doesn’t this show up on the site anywhere?

Are you mods blocking my posts or something?

What did I do???

Its in off-topic. Doesn’t show on front page. I saw it as a new topic (new link at top)

Would it that be fun waking up on christmas morning and seeing david in a santas suite on the forum saying, it is finished, Merry Christmas, enjoy…

Then at new years day having the official maid to safe coin swap…