A Machine Barter Protocol


A nice little project for someone…



If we could fund some pods with this kind of funding it may be nice. SF is close enough to make use of cdixon and co I think. They like locality, whether the MO fits is another issue, but who knows.


I only hope that coinbase doesn’t mind open source.

Though not sure how they’d work with cdixon… Maybe give a call!
Sent an email; maybe coinbase will consider MaidSafe, even open source softwares.!


That seems to be what IBM has been working on for months now, it appears from interviews given by them.
As reported on the Web, IBM plans to demonstrate some Ethereum-based IoT stuff in early 2015. I don’t know if it’ll include markets or not (maybe not since Ethereum is still work in progress).


Here a video to top it off…

Mike Hearn was also speaking about this but I to lazy to search