A lot of FUD at Bitcointalk.org

Hi everyone,

I have just been browsing bitcointalk.org and found a thread on Maidsafe. Most of the comments on the thread cast Maidsafe in a very negative light. I know for a fact a lot of it is not just FUD but outright lie, however I am not really sufficiently familiar with the project to mount a thorough defence.

I wanted to post the link to the thread here so the community has a chance to respond to the criticisms. I am aware that the first rule of the internet is to not feed the trolls, however the debate over there is entirely one-sided, and I am concerned that it promotes misinformation about the project to people who would not otherwise know better.

If anyone is interested in responding to any of the criticisms, this is the thread in question:



Here’s the more active one:



Speaking of FUD: https://maidsafeblog.wordpress.com
The author of this blog seems to be frustrated with Maidsafe.

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I am pleased to see that that thread at least has numerous links to sources and an honest debate rather than just people asserting opinion as fact.


Christ they’ve really put a lot of effort into attacking Maidsafe. I wonder what their motive is.

You aren’t going to successfully defend or explain anything to a person who’s intent is just to create FUD. It basically amounts to:


The bitcointalk thread doesn’t seem so bad to me. Pretty clear one guy is just blaming MaidSafe for his bad investment choices and others are pointing that and other shortcomings out.

The blog is clearly an outlet for someone’s anger - maybe the same guy! So again, not likely to be taken seriously.

The answer to all these folk is simple: keep going and deliver. Build and support the team and the community.

IMO that’s much better use of our energy.


100% chap, this is my approach, head down and get on with it. That does frustrate and nullify (eventually) FUD. I just see it as some sport where some folk want a team to fail so theirs wins. Our goal is not for us to win, but for everybody to win, whether they see it or not :wink:


Yeah! Let’s get these vaults and Authenticator, so we can shut the FUDders up with all these truly decentralised mobile apps!! That alone would be a huge step forward for the world, not to mention this project! Would be pretty hard for people to complain at that point :smiley:


No ! Let’s release all now ! Without any QA or rigorous testing ! Half working is good enough ! Let’s out DAO the DAO ! Show em how it’s done :smiley:


lol… Bitcoin forums, and people who supports bitcoin is a lost cause. I gave up back in Dec 2015.

Safe is love. Safe is life.

one: Ignore the trolls
two: Stop feeding trolls
three: ???
four: Profit.


Whenever I feel like I could use some idiocy-induced anxiety, I go on Bitcointalk :smirk_cat:


Bitcointalk is full of youngsters spreading FUD because of their frustrations about the investments they made.
Most of them with really unrealistic expectations or trying to manipulate their investment into profit.

I’m also following some project updates on the site but realized today it’s better to follow their twitter updates.
I’m pretty tired reading those assaults towards the projects.