A Level Computing Coursework Suggestions

My son is looking for project ideas for his A Level computing coursework, which accounts for 30% of his A Level.

He wants to code in Python and preferably infosec related.

Any ideas? I’ve gone a bit blank.




Welcome Stuart, I’m glad you responded to my invite and hope we can help. We have some Python folk here, and everyone is interested in computer security so that’s why I thought it worth posting. I’ll have a think myself too and let’s see what we can come up with.


I’m not an expert in either topic but wonder one big gap, is a user friendly report of which programs/processes are sending data out to the network.

Making visible that which is not obvious…

If I don’t have outgoing firewall locked down, what control do I have over what connections are made. If not control, then information about that might be useful.

I expect there must be tools out there for this but all I’ve seen are the likes of netstat but can we do better than watch netstat -tn ?


Hi. I’m glad you invited me :slight_smile:

There is some additional information on this link that may help us:



Maybe check out all the websites that already exist for our SAFE Network software first, to get ideas?

We already have Tetris and a few of the ideas that are on that list already.

Here’s the link for the directory to all the websites that exist on the current Alpha Network, and here’s a link to the directory for the TEST 11 Network.

Lots of them are open source, so you can see the code and learn from them and/or copy :slight_smile:


Hi Stuart,

What are the guidelines for the project?
I was attempting to search what exactly is A-level computing, will you educate me on that?

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A-Levels are a set of exams (usually three hard subjects and one general) taken at age 18 and form the basis for admission to University.