A job for people with huge bags

I am optimistic that the amount of MAID I have accumulated thus far to HODL until final could maybe one day buy like a data center worth of storage. I don’t know if I would be looking to sell the coin even then though. What if instead I find people that need datacenters and I sell them that use case. Like maybe they would prefer to just buy some safecoin and do it themselves… but maybe they would rather just hire me to do it for them for a slightly higher price (but still much lower then what it costs to use the old tech of actual datacenters.) What do you guys think? Am I just running in circles and not really creating any new value or am I doing some kind of sales job and should get paid for it?

That would be a nice way to cash out. It’d be interesting to see what sort of terms those clients would be looking for, and if SAFE network alone could meet them. I’m thinking of latency requirements etc. Uptime and availability would obviously not be a problem if the network is successful.

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I’m hoping to start a software company to build apps for Safe with my coin. Hadn’t thought about a safe datacenter … IMO, may let farmers deal with that, although having my own small farm could be nice too.


@drehb that’s what I am thinking to. Its like ok first of all let me store that data cheaper for you, but also I’ll store it in a better way! I guess the first step would be to research what potential clients are looking for in a data center and if the SAFE network fulfills all their objectives then it should not be a hard sale.

@TylerAbeoJordan I think you misunderstood. I am not setting up a big farm. I just anticipate the MAID I have now might be worth quite a lot of PUTs one day. So it’s like I “have” a datacenter available to sell.

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lol … yip … I’m rather dense at times!

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It is a sound business idea.
The little guy can now take on the Amazon and Azure’s… as the safe network will take care of backups, uptime, redundancy, etc…

As long as you provide a stable service, what do people care or need to know about your backend.

It would be a smooth transition to add users, unknown to them, to the safe network. A lot of people will just want the convenience of you holding on to their keys… and domains (watch out though… domain might start to expire,get your Ts&Cs tight.

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that’s a good point. Instead of showing them how I do my magic why don’t I just sell them the enjoyment of the trick. They don’t have any reason to care how or why if we have a contract of I store this much data with zero downtime.

Actually using this approach I could prolly charge recurring fees, while my cost is a 1 time fee of something I have a shitload of anyways :stuck_out_tongue: love it!


If your coins become that valuable, there’s a good chance they’d already know about your trick. But it’s fun to dream :stuck_out_tongue:


I think there will at least be some time before full scale ubiquitous adoption where they are quite valuable. I mean even if 1% of the population is on the network it will be huge, but there is still the other 99% to sell to. I mean even if they have heard of the SAFE network they might still need to get sold the benefits. If they were like so you are going to use the SAFE network? Well I would say ya you got me. Even then I don’t think the door is closed though. They might be like wow that’s really interesting so can you make it work for us?

But I do appreciate your response. That’s really what I am trying to ask… is there any value add here or will they just be like screw you we will just do it ourselves?