A Great Resource


and especially http://mileswmathis.com/barindex2.pdf by the same researcher.

[EDIT in response to critical comments below]
The first link is a wonderful collection of essays by a conspiracy researcher. There is nothing on the site that will blow your hand off or anything. I don’t accept all his conclusions but I do find some of his reasoning and evidence compelling. If you love questioning the received narrative, and this guy does it with intelligence and thoroughness, then you will find much there to stimulate your thinking.

On the other hand, if you are a coincidence theorist (“everything just happens”) then you won’t find it of any value.

The second link is probably his best known paper, on his theory that JFK (amongst many others) faked his own death in order to retire and rule from behind the scenes.

A great resource of what?

Your post is void of useful content. You could as well post links to some online scam.

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To you, I suppose. So don’t read it.

It always helpful to introduce your links. Without the introduction of even context it just seems so empty. And the domain names don’t help either

I personally do not follow links that I have no idea what they are. Nothing personal, just something not done.

So I guess I am with @janitor on this one

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OK, I misread Janitor’s comment. I took his comment to mean that he was rubbishing the links. I will add a explanatory edit for the click-averse.