A good friend of mine just put around £3.5k into Maidsafe

A friend from Uni who introduced me to Maid back before the ICO took place (and we both participated) was inspired by my logic of how the alts dip before the fork and decided to top-up his ICO investment in order to get over 20k maid. Like for me it’s not a matter of a quick post-fork profit for him, we are holding long term till 2018 or even later! Long live the SAFE Network!


Don’t get me wrong, but I would do the opposite. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Sell most of my Maidsafecoins at the moment and drive the price down even more, exchange it for bitcoin and get SegWit2x as extra free money on nov16. SegWit2x might stay at at least $1000, because businesses think it’s important, but as soon as I can exchange SegWit2x, I would go back to Maidsafecoins.

Miners and businesses think that SegWit2x is super important, I just see it as more money to buy more Maidsafecoins. Even if Maidsafecoins dropped to $0.30 and SegWit2x stayed at $1000 it would translate to 3333 extra Maidsafecoins. Unless the news breaks that we’ll be running vaults from home this upcoming Thursday and @ bochaco has implemented test SAFEcoin to play with in SAFE wallet.

THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE, it not even logic to move from Maidsafecoin to something else, but hey it’s an idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, maybe not. I think in any case there is a possible win. The way I see it is that maidsafe is half price at the moment and who knows, maybe we’ll boom significantly above the previous $0.7 peak. By the time you get to exchange swegwit it might be less than $1000 and maidsafe might be a lot more than $0.7.

I don’t really like the idea of Segwit2x as it would mean the blockchain size will be unimaginably big to download within a matter of decades. That’s why I spent my all my btc after a 20% rise in value since purchasing a month or so ago on alts which dropped like crazy (getting a double win). I may be wrong but will get my BTC gold (I know it’s worthless) as well enjoy the alts hopefully (& very likely) rocketing after the 16th.

In any case buying and holding maid is always my preferred option as selling off contributes to the price decrease and therefore lower market cap and people’s interest going elsewhere.


For me the tech that powers the SAFE Network is the most important, Maidsafecoin’s fiat price is a joke. I don’t mind people loosing interest, because the fiat price does not satisfy them, they’ll find out later when this thing has become the new internet. You can just publish your website (with login + storage + domain name registration + ddos protection + censorship resistance) all with no middleman, I won’t even start about the costsavings for app developers. (sorry if I sound too charged, it’s just that this SAFE Network thing is so priceless)

Maidsafecoin’s price doesn’t move much, so one has the luxury to play silly games like exchange to bitcoins and back. Just 1 btc gives you: Bitcoin Cash $633, Bitcoin Gold $155, SegWit2x $1290 that’s over $2000 to invest in Maidsafecoin, this is one of the easiest computergames ever. :space_invader:

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