A forum about establishing the SAFE Network - NOT the SAFE Network itself

The title is a suggested tagline for the forum.
Recently we have had an influx of newcomers - and some long-term non-tech lurkers trying to impose some kind of groupthink on the forum in which the only permitted views seem to be

  • A belief in every conspiracy theory currently extant
  • All Government is inherently evil
  • Vaccinations are an evil plot and so what if a few die from this COVID. MY feelings trump YOUR health.

And anyone not agreeing with them is a tool of the New World Order. Their ignorance of the project even extends to their belief that the Maidsafe team will in some way be able to control the worlds first truly autonomous network and that some dirty stinking son of a civil servant will be “censoring” them.

I am coming to believe that this is part of an organised effort to disrupt and dishearten those of us who know what this project is really about and want to help it succeed.

I propose a minor way to combat them is to express the sentiment in the title as a tagline so that when the next of these clowns shows up they can be pointed to the tagline and asked to justify their criticism. Also a pinned link to the 20 Fundamental Points to which we can then ask “How many of these points do you disagree with?”

Hopefully these measures may help avoid burnout from our moderators who have the unenviable task of having to read through the turgid reams of ill-informed polemic and utter fantasy that has been the hallmark of the latest higher-profile contributors.
And then be subject to ridicule because they did not click on every last link in these screeds of screechings.