A few beginner's questions


I’ve got a few unrelated questions.

Currently, when creating a new account from the Launcher application, where are the account details stored? I’ve read in another thread that if the account is not charged with SafeCoin, it will expire. Does this mean that currently all accounts that are created expire, since SafeCoin does not yet exist?

Storage space will cost SafeCoins. What are rough estimates of the storage costs relative to current hosting solutions - cheaper, the same or higher? If SafeCoins bubble in value, would it be detrimental to the network?

Since SafeCoins are an integral part of the network, how would you ensure that the purchase of SafeCoins is easy enough for an average user.

Finally, the demo showcased storage of static content. Since pretty much all of the content is dynamic, how will the Safe network work with server side applications? Maybe a standardized technology?

Thank you.

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In these tests all data will be dumped from time to time. In real network you will have to create then pay for an account with safecoin (you may earn that via farming during account create, we need to see how viable this is)


They aren’t really I don’t believe. They are used to generate a key for encryption/description IIRC…so I suppose the private key is in RAM.

Now for the safe demo app, that info (the nacl shared key used for safe launcher API access) is stored via html5 localStorage in Electron (which is basically a sqlite db in your user’s data dir, e.g. for Windows it’s at C:\Users\myuser\AppData\Roaming\MaidSafe Demo App\Local Storage).


There is also a project in the works to address dynamic content and website creation that may answer a few of your questions:

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The Safe Wiki is also an excellent place to start and covers a majority of the topics regarding the network