A Decentralized and Level Farming Playing Field

Have any measures been put in place to ensure farming will not become centralized? If so what are they?

the ratios of payment are expected to favour earning for unused computer resources and not so much datacenters. Its like the Sybil attack though so you would need several times the network size to start centralising resources. Centralisation is a thing people think about because of bitcoin and the POW model, its not so relevant here. There are some really long threads on this though.


What exactly prevents the network from favoring data-centers?

Please click on the search and type centralisation, this has been gone over many times and there are always many many many questions :wink:

Good point… I will look into this, thank you for your time.


It is the subject of Nick’s latest MaidSafe blog and I added a comment with my take!

See: Keeping Safecoin Decentralised

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Here’s an old thread for your reading enjoyment.