A DAO, crowdfundin and crowdsale for noobs app

Too many times I have come across people who have no idea what cryptocurrency is let alone the implications of crowdfunding, DAOs, crowdsales or the intricacies of how to make one’s own cryptocurrency. There needs to be an app that breaks this all down into a simple step by step process. Something that is straightforward and explains all the options and implications, tells one how to make a cryptocurrency, how to premine, what the pros/cons are of making more or less coins for one’s crypto and so forth. Things like crowdfunding strategies should be outlined, crowdsales, a DAO creator, etc etc. I shouldn’t take a expert guru programmer to create all this and more to the point understand it. If crypto is to take off it needs to be understood by the lay person, the non tech people, in plain English. In short it needs to have a user interface that’s at least as simple as what the SAFE client is aiming to be, if not more so. Think gparted or k3b for a second. Very powerful apps but very simple straightforward UIs. Think of gmail for crying out loud or something Apple might come up with. Again very simple and intutive but it gets the job done. Click here, drag there, explaination blurb pops up. As a techie I appreciate the advanced features but as an educator of non techies I’m constantly looking for ways to simplify things for them and find efficient and powerful tools that get the job done without sacrificing usability. Consider that your blender or microwave comes with a manual. Consider that even that can get confusing to some people (how a blender could be confusing I have no idea but apparantly a manual is needed.) What we need is not a blender but a DAO and cryptocurency swiss army knife. Simple, dirrect, efficient and gets the job done. You can do A LOT with a knife. You should be able to do the same amount with such an app.

What if we had something like a cryptocurrency editor, paired with a DAO editor, with a modular logic rule set creator with a UI written in plain English to take care of the backend. You drag and drop things like loops, conditions and responses in order to create your cryptocurrency or DAO. If you want you can always skip the basic editor and go straight to your preferred programming code. But the point here is to have an interface that non techies can “code” in. If there’s a possibility that isn’t available in the editor that people want to incorporate into their DAO or cryptocurrency then since the system is modular then a new module for that desired method or possibility can be created without having to rewrite the entire program. But what I’m hoping is that after awhile there will be enough modules for people to just pick up the editor and run with it.

One shouldn’t need to be able to code in order to create a DAO or make their dreams come true.


How about : One shouldn’t need a DAO to be able to code in order to make their dreams come true ?


Lol that too but that would be true of pretty much any project one wants to fund, especially of the creative variety.

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If you’re capable of abstract thought (many people aren’t, incredible as that sounds) and can also attend to detail, then you can code. Hey, @Blindsite2k I had my first pull request on Github accepted today. Hahaha! :smile:


Yes, just do it! Will be great!

I wish decorum was going because I’d put a few Clicke tokens on this post… couldn’t agree more.

Working on part of this anyway. Will have a post out soon for folks to dig into for further discussion… estimate, soon. Cleaning up and editing now.

Agreed. There shouldn’t be a “code lawyer” or whatever that crap ethereum coming up with. it should be straight forward, simple, so anybody can use it without being so overwhelm how to build it.

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I bet many people say something similar about math or regular literacy. Programming is just another language and faces the same issues as any other form of literacy, or lack there of.

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It is hard, so I’m bootstrapping my efforts by poking around in other people’s non-working code to see if I can get it working. Github is blessed with a (seeming) majority of software that either doesn’t compile or doesn’t run, so there’s plenty to look at.

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