A compilation of Maidsafe Videos


I thought it might be nice to compile a list of interesting (and vintage) Maidsafe videos out there. I’ll update as more quality material is recorded.

The SAFE Network from First Principles ‘Playlist’

MaidSAFE meeting #1, discussing Video and Mesh Networking…very informative, the meetings after this tended to be more chats, than instructional.

A short video explaining how vaults work on the SAFE Network, made by Shona :smile:

@ioptio and @frabrunelle interviewed @dirvine and asked him 33 Frequently Asked Questions:

Self Encryption on the SAFE Network (By Shona :smile:

Max Keiser Show - E639+E640 (thanks to Francis Brunelle)

Maidsafe @ Edinburgh bitcoin meet up #5 June 2014

Seattle Conference on Scalability - Google Tech Talks June 14, 2008

SAFE Pod #3 - General bootstrapping procedure for working with the API and the first example app which goes over Authentication

MaidSafe Technology Overview (12min version)

API General Discussion

LifeStuff Promo from 2012

Maidsafe App - Lifestuff

Perpetual Data - An early promo video from 2007

Presenting crypto 2.0 at university
IBM and Samsung Demonstrate ADEPT p2p

Nice one Chris. I still like that old Perpetual Data film, that was my personal introduction to MaidSafe about 5 years ago.


Added: MaidSAFE meeting #1, discussing Video and Mesh Networking very informative.