A closed SafeNet economy, could now be in play

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Martin Armstrongs good guys solution for the USA

1/ No lawyers in congress

2/ Term limits for all senators

3/ Abolish all taxes (bye bye IRS)

4/ Treasury controlled entity to create all currency, interest free

5/ Money is spent into the system, by funding public works (my comment: mitigation for Grand Solar Minimum included?)

Martins thoughts on 5G and the IOT

Real purpose is to have ubiquitous access to a worldwide digital money system

My conjecture

Given the above, I posit a good guys/ bad guys scenario and will describe mostly the good guys scenario

Senators vote out:

1/ Lawyers
2/ Perpetual terms
3/ Current Fed arrangement
4/ Taxes

All countries become truly sovereign by taking the same measures as the USA


1/ Becomes the payment rail accessible anywhere thanks to 5G/ IOT /Satellites etc

2/ SafeCoin is allowed to flourish and form part of the system, in effect becoming like a country and competing via an exchange rate system.

3/ Devs issue a Tippity Top smoke signal in advance :male_detective:


1/ SafeNetwork becomes a pariah and in the off chance it manages to launch, the SafeEconomy becomes in effect a Darknet.

2/ Devs go underground

3/ Safe Coin can only be accessed by farming (no fiat bridge). MaidSafe Coin becomes very valuable for the same reason as the current fiat system i.e fresh dollars have higher buying power, than when they trickle down to the plebs (probably true for both scenarios)

In either scenario Devs must keep copies of the blockchain, to ensure MaidSafeCoin to SafeCoin exchange. Bitcoin is easily shut down, so especially important in the bad guy scenario.

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I’ve pondered previously on what a SafeNet economy would have looked like, without a fiat On/Off ramp i.e a completely closed economic system.

All SafeValue is derived from the inputs of humans and machines alike and the incentive to create this value is unfettered by taxation. The ability to spend this mutual value into the real economy destroys the status quo.

The ‘ability’ would have to be enabled by governance. :face_vomiting: …wait what? governments will willfully destroy their own capacity to raise taxes?

Yes, politicians will be constrained by term limits and have their spending publicly scrutinized on a chain…the planned alternative is tyranny and a new coat of gold paint for ‘The Capital Machine’ as ‘spending other peoples money’ meets it’s inevitable endpoint.

Governments will create their own national tokens which will be freely exchangeable with other currencies and SafeCoin (stored and traded on the SafeNetwork)

In effect the SafeNetwork becomes a peer to the worlds now sovereign countries.

Countries would eliminate all taxes and instead spend money into creation, by funding Public Infrastructure and purchasing services for the residents.

The value of a national currency is determined by the total productive capacity of it’s people. Add SafeNetwork (competition) into the mix and countries may be able to rise with the capacity of it’s people (and government) to add digital value.

As a peer, the SafeNetworks ‘Pay the producer’ (PtP) feature (if fully fleshed out), could be an adjunt to countries social payments systems. Currently if your not someone who is trying to create generational wealth, there is little incentive to actually work hard. Learn how to create value within the SafeNetwork and show us your unique humanhood.

Why am I painting such a rosy, seemingly impossible story of the future?

Well as we move to launch, there appears to be a real chance** that a fiat On/Off ramp will not be possible and the above scenario is my best imagined case if the good guys get up and somehow stop the evil doers.

It’s all about 5G

Nonetheless, while all the discussion is focused on health, what seems to be overlooked is WHY? Do we really need to increase the speed? The real reason for 5G is being rolled out is not for amazing new gadgets, but for digital currency with instant payments and 100% surveillance. This Pandemic is being used to not only suppress the protests against 5G but to accomplish it in time for the replacement of the monetary system with a new digital currency among nations. They allowed BitCoin and others to pave the way, but now it will be time to outlaw private cryptocurrencies and force them into government digital currencies.

Tough situation for the Devs, this was always going to be one of the possible scenarios, one way or another…knock knock

So how can I buy SafeCoin if they outlaw private cryptocurrencies and force them into government digital currencies?

Well firstly, SafeCoin holders cannot be outlawed into government digital currencies (you purchased Privacy, Safety and Security at the crowd sale remember)

MaidSafeCoin held in an exchange would be toast…you will be converted into InfinityCoin (along with gold and silver holders?)

To have ready made value to spend into the fledgling SafeNetwork you have to buy SafeCoin NOW, by buying it’s proxy MaidSafeCoin and moving it into ‘cold storage’.

It’s akin to how the fiat money system works now, whereby the connected few get their hands on the newly created debt money and spend it while it’s purchasing power is close to maximum.

It’s entirely possible that holding MSC now, will be the fiat power money equivalent on steroids, as big demand for initial liquidity will likely occur as freedom loving individuals and business recognize Safe as the new frontier.

How can they move quickly without liquidity (no On/Off fiat ramp)?

These pre-release coins will have the ability to do more work than the later ‘earned’ coins, because of first mover advantage…so important in big commerce.

Suddenly MaidSafeCoin, looks very very attractive to freedom lovers all over this self healing planet.


too long but I still read it … :confused:

What can be said at all can be said clearly?..
Apologies but that reads like a draft and I can’t make sense of it.

Government is always behind the curve and certainly their position relative to crypto is ignorant atm and could easily be interpreted as a move to kill off innovation and/or shoe horn some .gov approved currencies and a cashless track-everything-you-do nonsense… but it’s far more likely incompetent. The Illuminati are dull and have no sense of irony!

The point about coins on exchanges… never trust third parties, move to exchange only for transactions.

More widely I would suggest, do not act on the basis of fear and what is argued as necessarily the case - of what .gov or others might do; that’s the route to error.

Still, the most confusing element above is talk of pre-release coins … we have MAID already. There is no added value in spawning a new coin - it’s a solution in search of a problem - the appeal to the usual spawn-a-clone noobs from cryptospace aside.


Still, a nice thought to consider a SAFE absent of the toxic that is money. I did wonder about that but too many people are motivated by profit… which perhaps is the simple reality counter to your idea, that people will want and will find routes to exchange value - be is SAFE or chickens or bread or any other unit.

Do what is right, regardless of the error of others!


The OP was a bit “windy” and hard to follow. One thing that I did “glean” from it is the idea of making it impossible to get SAFE without first having held MAID. Essentially, that is how the system currently works as when the Network launches there will (likely) be no SAFE on exchanges (unless, per current status quo, HitBTC and Bittrex Intl decide to exchange their MAID for SAFE). To get SAFE you need to have held MAID, farm, or earn it.

If the OP suggests that there should be no way for people to get SAFE if they didn’t hold MAID prior to launch (I.e. rule out farming, earning, buying), then that would severely impede Network growth. I think it would be an unnecessary constraint on the system. The fact of the matter is we live in the real world. A mechanism of exchanged divorced from the real world has very limited value. Fungibility is key.


Yes… the route in would be as always, that someone puts resources to the network and gets a reward but still it is not sufficient as many may not have the resource that is above the line to get a reward (tbc if everyone get something for any contribution however small?)… better of course, is that there is that oddly worded important concept of fungible:mutually interchangeable, as has always been the case in human activities. While certain dull minds do want to control every damn ting, there is always a limit on what they can do - reality is on our side, not theirs!


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