A Call for Embracing the Currency Competition

Hi All,

Founder of ChainRift Exchange here. I wrote a piece on my thoughts on the state of Bitcoin Maximalism that I think some of you might find interesting. I’m curious to hear your opinion. :pray:


Nice post! I left a comment and some claps for you!

Those who were pushing Bitcoin at the beginning had very different views. It was a fresh shot that was unproven but had promise of breaking through. In those days, a better cryptocurrency would have been happily welcomed. However, the trail blazers are mostly looking at what is next, leading those relative late comers to just follow the incumbent like sheep.

That isn’t to say that I think Bitcoin is fatally flawed; I just feel it is inevitable that better stuff will come along and will provide a welcome alternative. This isn’t Highlander! :grin:


Are you so sure? MaidSafe headquarters is in Scotland… immortal data network… reports of nikita wearing a similar fanged helmet at devcon… I’m starting to connect the dots… :rofl:

What do you call a Bitcoin Minimalist?

(p.s. apologies to @nbaksalyar for spreading rumors )