A Better Way to Organize the Internet: Content-Centric Networking

This all sounds remarkably familiar. Even down to the ‘after a decade of development’ bit :wink:

What we really need is an Internet that can provide more bandwidth and lower latency to many users at once—and do it securely. Along with our colleagues at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), in California, we’ve developed a better Internet architecture. We call it content-centric networking, or CCN. Our approach fundamentally changes the way information is organized and retrieved and improves network reliability, scalability, and security.

After a decade of development, we’re now testing our concept: In January 2016, PARC released the open-source code for CCN software. Since then, more than 1,000 copies have been downloaded by individuals, universities, and industrial-research organizations. Companies including Alcatel-Lucent (now part of Nokia), Huawei, Intel, Panasonic, and Samsung have also had substantial R&D efforts focused on one or more aspects of CCN in recent years. In February, Cisco announced that it had acquired the CCN platform that we originally developed at PARC.



The way I see it, they present the same basic idea as the Safe Network Cache. Then they continue, proudly presenting “Interest Packages”, “forwarding Engines”, “pending interest tables” and “forwarding interest base”. All of which Safe does not need, because it is build on a secure base.

And of course it improves “reliability, scalability, and security”, Just not as much as Safe. :wink:

It finishes by mentioning some other interesting projects that I did not read. Maybe later :grinning: