8Chan booted from CloudFlare -- Moves to ZeroNet

I agree, there is going to be massive demand for alternative hosting and communications methods running up to the 2020 election. Google, Facebook, Twitter and the gang are going to be on a banning spree and I think this will shape the outcome of that political contest.


Honeypot warning:

It seems that the 8chan that appeared on ZeroNet was not put there or maintained by 8chan admins. So do not access it.

OP is still worth talking about, but this is another angle–for better or worse. Discuss?


The violence/coercion/oppression associated with any technology is a reflection of the culture that wields it.

“I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say let… lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may.” ― “Tyler Durden” (Chuck Palahniuk), Fight Club


I have checked that 8chan on ZeroNet and it’s big mess. In the other side ZeroNet is project I very like :slight_smile:


Agreed. It is a mess and it seems that it is not really 8chan, but a honey pot.

My point is that alternatives are starting to come into demand more and more by more and more types of people.


Implied responsibility means jail time for challenging the powers that be. It means censorship. It means playing by the rules of the elites, oligarchs and aristocracy. Implied responsibility = statism. If one wanted to play that game why seek anonymity in the first place?


I was talking more about implied “moral” responsibility, not responsibility imposed from without.

Morals are subjective. So moral responsibility for what by whom to whom?


Some morals are universal.


Can you list some, please? That is a bold assertion.

In order to really support SAFE you kind of have to have a feeling in your heart that overall, the vast majority of humanity is good rather than evil. So giving access to information and empowered social organization should lead to a more secure society, that has the power, education and means to organize itself against crime, corruption etc.

I feel that from what I’ve seen and who I’ve met in my life, that if everyone had access to the same education, data and information, the world would be a much more sane place to live in.

Which is why I support this community project.


Most Fast, secure, efficient, DDoS proof internet Maidsafe will come :slight_smile:


I found this article about how the 8chan people are concerned about the zeronet variant automatically distributing child porn as part of the p2p functionality. https://archive.is/K4Cfv

I hadn’t thought of this regarding SAFENet, how that can be completely protected against doing unwittingly?

I recall some time ago there was talk about bits of CP being added to the Bitcoin blockchain, such that anyone running a node would be unwittingly distributing CP that way. AFAIK no remediation was ever implemented. All anyone can do is just not run a node…

What protections does SAFE have for this?

There is a topic for this already and you may find some answers there


I do think humanity overall is fundamentally good but I’d disagree with you that that is required to support SAFE. Even if I didnt believe humanity was fundamentally good I’d STILL support SAFE perhaps even more so because humanity would need access to the security it would provide. Freedom = security.

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Considering that authenticator allows a persona to authenticate against the network, there is an opportunity to allow a degree of self regulation.

You could toggle attributes on your account to signify what you want to filter. When you access a site, a site profile could be read first, or a header in the data itself, which identifies the content type. This could be used to allow your client to discard the data.

Adult sites are likely to be happy to tag their content in this way, as their aim isn’t to trick people into seeing undesirable content. Even child porn producers are unlikely to be that irresponsible - what is in it for them, other than even longer jail time?

If we take a mature approach and allow producers to categorise their content in a simple way, I suspect stumbling over it will not be a problem. Then providing a simple way for parents to allocate a persona to their kids will protect them (especially if OS integration is good).


What’s in it for the producer of illegal material NOT to advertise that material as illegal material? I don’t suppose you’ve dealt with much contraband have you? If child porn or anything else illegal is tagged as such it’ll make it easier for the feds to find it and track the flow of purchases and sales, or even just simple consumption. This is not good for anyone producing or using said contraband. It might be good for search engines from a technical standpoint but it would be a liability security wise.

They could just mark it as content for adults. The main aim would be to protect children. However, as others couldn’t eves drop the tags, it may not make the Fed’s lives any easier anyway.

Actually posting illegal material on SAFE may make the evidence for court cases easier since the crocks/sickos cannot delete the material like they may be able to do on the current internet.


Proof of ownership then becomes the problem. Unless it is prima facia evidence of wrong, aside from the matter of who originated storing it.

There are a lot of interesting dynamics when we start getting into the weeds. Can’t be sorted by specific outcomes in specific cases, or even categories. The only way to go forward is to depend upon the high-level principle that individuals and groups are responsible for their own experience and what the do with what they’ve got–and the ability to be private or public, secure or completely open, allows a level playing field.

Whether SAFE ultimately helps salvage human society or helps destroy it depends upon what we make of the opportunity and necessity of being more responsible for our own experience and the effect we have on others. SAFE tends to enforce the understanding of the sovereignty of individual choice. That will change an awful lot of the calculus of how we organize and think about how society.

“What effect would result if bad people could keep their conspiracies completely secure?” is balanced by “What if people who know stuff could expose facts of wrongdoing without the likelihood of ‘Arkancide’?” as seems to still be prevalent.

I’m bullish on enabling individual choice all around because it also, per force, enforces responsibility on everyone.

End of soliloquy.

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