-52 MAID FEE from HitBTC?


Hi, I’m starting with a maid and based on a few instructions I founded an omniwallet and I wanted to buy already purchased maid to omni but the fee is like what? really Hitbtc…??

I tried to send KYC but for mysterious reasons I couldn’t send me the last verification code Bug … Despite the scary MAID fee I got on the omniwallet and hitbtc today I will avoid the arc.

I apologize for the minor alarm and thank you msafe for the explanation

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BTC they charge around the same:
0.0004 ~$3.43

MAID uses Omni protocol so must send a BTC transaction to move it around.
This is quite a standard fee for non BEP2 BTC bound transactions on most exchanges.


ok. thanks.

I’m just getting started, so I apologize for the minor alarm on my part which was due to my ignorance.

However MAID on omniwwallet I already have.
If I understand then.

PS: sorry for my english, isnt my best. :slight_smile: <3

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Is your issue the hitbtc transaction cost?

If so, most ppl dont use hitbtc for just that reason, it is possible to send the transaction for less, but they are lining their own pockets.

I’ve not tried bittrex international, but I would guess they charge a much much lower withdrawal fee, maybe worth a look if your country is allowed to trade there.

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I paid a 2 MAID withdrawal fee using Bittrex


For sure, next time i will try bitrex, thank you for the information.