500 Million Yahoo User Accounts Hacked

Daily hack update…when will the public learn!?


Yeah, make that 500 million…


Interestingly “stolen from the company’s network in late 2014 by what it believes is a state-sponsored actor”…

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What a surprise that it resurfaces just before the deal…


Security an afterthought :laughing:


Maidsafe should be making use of this news and try to market itself as a platform where these kinds of hacks aren’t possible.

Good way to get more attention?

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Agreed, I’ve always thought in this day of regular breaches, being the only organisation able to say ‘unhackable’ would cut through the noise. Though it also feels like asking for trouble :slight_smile:

better to have that trouble in alpha then in full release right?

Absolutely, but I would imagine the most malicious / hardcore criminal hackers would simply keep their powder dry and wait for the most inopportune moment to bring down / disrupt the network / extract financial benefit.

By trouble I suppose I meant from a PR perspective ie. headlines which read ‘unhackable network admits data breach’.

Sadly (or perhaps happily for SAFE) this kind of news is now becoming commonplace:

Akamai’s chief security officer, Andy Ellis, says the attack on Krebs is at least twice as large as anything he’s encountered before. For Ellis, the attack represents a significant scaling up of DDoS attacks and the size of the botnets harnessed to deliver them. “We expect this will be the new normal over the next 18 months,” Ellis says. “If I were doing business planning about what I’m trying to defend myself from … People will need to reevaluate their assumptions going forward.”