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Said this:

"How do we rid the world of corporatism?

No more employees. No more employers, No more stock holders. No more board members. No more executives. No more mangers. No more supervisors. No more sponsored media puppets.

We have 10 mindless nuclear armed corporate states out there banging against each other over their misuse of resources.

Maybe a few million small completely flat highly automated distributed cooperatives to replace every corporate structure on the globe? Maybe crypto currency constructs to replace banking.

No more people last and money and power first."

Got six responses 4 respectful 2 quite conservative. Last response before thread was closed said:
“how do you leftists think up this stupid sht and take it seriously” I tried to respond a day later but thread was already archived. Started a new thread and said:

"Conservative said: "how do you leftists think up this stupid sht and take it seriously"
Before language and tools people (men at least, women were 24-7) worked about 4 hours a day. Some animal are sufficient on 13 minutes a day. At that time there was almost no hierarchy (slavery was down around 10% and isolated) and no war. In 1970 we figured out that we had enough automation to free everyone from work. The rich realized that their contribution was generally negligible or negative and their claim on the realized automation pie was very weak and as a result began to wage war on everyone else through policy, sponsored puppet media, as always banking and of course inventing reasons for a police state. Essentially, they were/are trying to take us back to the plantation through their efforts to ensure that their money equals power.

The Soviets didn’t manage this transition any better and this realization back in the 70 probably helped lead to their dissolution in 89-90. Meanwhile, people are being asked to bail out the rich by working even more for even less and realizing the rich have been trying to undermine them and take them back to the plantation. Also realizing their inheritances is the pretty much the fruits of the whole automation pie- it was their own money, work, and innovation that built the wretched McDonalds etc.
A precondition to a free society is money having very little value to people. It’s a place where you wouldn’t do anything for money that you otherwise wouldn’t. It’s a place where money can’t be used to coerce people and it certainly would have no value in elections.

So this is where it comes from. The rich are in crisis and are being seen as criminal surplus receivers. People understand its fine to throw pebbles in a pond but not a massive boulder that displaces all the water. A billionaire is too much but a trillionaire owns all the land and claims they own everyone’s time.
Money accretes so the global imminent domain style correction is coming. We’re about to remove their toll roads and traffic jams. We’re about to cut all their debt and bill cords and decentralize, democratize and stabilize. Remember, if you lose your political voice you lose your ability to make rights claims, lose your rights and certainly your privacy as it’s a rights precondition. Half the point of democracy was placing limits on the conflicts of interest inherent in money and making sure everyone had a political voice so they would never be over a barrel on wealth. Of course they can vote themselves a share of the wealth , that is the fundamental point of democracy- absence of slavery and even a right to be idle, like generally useless rich but not like the loss leaders they hold up. Automation is about to evict the rent seeking landlords even from their gated communities. Can they take us back to the stone age first? The clash between the corporatized mindless nuclear armed resource abusing shark states is on their side."

4Chan said: file too long and wouldn’t allow the post. My conclusion is that 4chan has too many restrictions and is not really anonymous. Not really anon because the tech doesn’t exist, too limited over trip ticket (not really optional have to check again there is a key word possibly,) search is too weak (unless I don’t know how to use it correctly,) to quick to archive etc.

Onion Anon’s don’t have traffic but looking forward to when they do maybe Alt Twilight haven SAFE can become that.