3rd party data enrichment

Anyone here have any experience in this field?
Probably asking in the wrong forum from a privacy minded forum.

There are companies that offer to enrich data, for a price… but where do they get their data?

Why can’t I just go straight to the source?
Apart from them protecting their massive profits, I see no reason why I can’t insert myself further up stream.

Are you talking of companies that when given a list of identifiers will add data to each of those identifiers? So for example give them a list of CPUIDs and they add site visits to it.

Don’t know what a CPUID is but you give them some form of ID and they give you additional data for that person.

Then they do not want the customer to bypass them and go to the source.

They collect data from trackers, buying data from companies etc etc

Maybe not what you are looking for, but I saw the following trending on github this week: