3D Printed "Safecoin" and "SAFE Safenetwork Coin"



Wow, nice job on both of those! Mind if I use it for some personal projects?

BTW, how long have you been using SCAD?


Go for it. Its there for all to see and use at their desire. I am redoing the svg safecoin symbol and when I have done that I will translate that into SCAD as a module. That way it is more understandable and easy to modify than a set of points which incidentally has errors in it.

SCAD, well I found it after I got my 3D printer. So about 3 months. But hey I’ve been programming for over 40 years and that helps a lot. The hardest thing you will find is that the variables are not set at run time but at load time.

Also I find the cheat sheet very valuable http://www.openscad.org/cheatsheet/index.html

And the doco fills in any gaps http://www.openscad.org/documentation.html?version=2016.11.11