28 pages to stop Hilary and the Second coming of the Bush/Nixon Admin

W’e’re in the process of having another election stolen, but this time its more belligerent than ever. 28 pages could stop that outright.

In light of the 28 pages what happened in 2000 was apparently a selection of George W. Bush as President by right side elements in Israel and Saudia Arabia and the US government and the overriding of the popular vote. What is happening now is the overriding of the popular vote and the selection of phony liberal Hillary Clinton for President by the same right side elements Israeli state and the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and Morgan Stanley and the same right side elements in the US government. With Bush the goal was going back into Iraq and the fuse was 911.

Think of the loss of liberty and stability in the US and world as a result of 911. Prism and torture and all that crap came on line as a result of it, secret laws and undeclared martial law and 50000 gag orders most issued against federal employees as a result of this fraud. Think back to the front end with the Enron natural melt down in CA and think about what we have today with natural gas. AIG was in on the front end and in on the back end, think of how all that austerity/Iraq distraction crap is unraveling in obvious fraud with Panema and the revelation of 32 trillion in tax evasion assets. For comparison all the petroleum reserves in the ground on the foolish balances sheets of the obsolete petroleum industry account for 31 trillion dollars in assets. That industry can’t float on plastic and pills. Of course in order to make these people take deserved losses the Paris accord says 21 trillion must stay in the ground. Think of how a Hillary screw up helped bring in Citizen’s United at the end of the Bush Admin and how she plans apparently make it worse- Garland’s only claim to fame was the prosecuting terror after the Oklahoma City bombing and he actually want’s to make Citizens worse- see the Clinton terror-distraction bs-financial/election fraud connection? All this puffing up of the American balance sheet with fraud because of the EU eclipsing the US overnight on gross product in the lead up to the Bush Admin. Brexit might be more of this maneuvering.

Think of the 2 trillion dollar defense distraction budget that is being called for by people like Hillary and Carly Fiorina. It was 500 billion a year under Bush. Think of the damage to infrastructure and the safety net, all to provide continued distraction and cover for criminal austerity.

Now think of the nuclear bomb going off that it will take to get us into Iran as the dust settles and the possible total loss of rights and iron clad in-your-face perfection of the surveillance police state that will result if that happens. Remember as a Bush was leaving one of his CIA people addressed the press and essentially promised a nuke would go off in the US within 5 years- so just was operation “Northwoods” found life in 911 its hard to dismiss this stuff. But apparently the divulging of 28 little pages could stop the repeating of this burn the Reichstag type crap. It serious enough that the now nuclear Saudi Arabia is threatening the dumping of 758 billion dollars of US treasury bills over US citizens being allowed to sue it over the content of those 28 pages that Obama has been there 4x this year trying to cool this off. But this little revelation could take out the Republicans, the Saudis, and the Israelis (at least their right side government,) but it would also stop the selection of Hilary. Maybe they could be tried in the Hague for crimes against humanity. Divulging the 28 pages would also halt any phony propped up recovery for the obsolete petroleum industry. Remember their stupid, transparent Iran plan would need the cover of climate instability and the continued relevance of oil to even have a hint of psychological credibility.

Remember when these frauds were so scared in the 2008 meltdown, so scared that Lockheed Martin revealed that it had bus sized mobile hot fusion in ads in Forbes. Fossil fuels are obsolete. Their replacements provides too much of a decimating strategic efficiency advantage for that not to be the case and that is the case case with battery backed solar. The bought and paid for media is trying to minimize Panama but the 28 pages levy a greater than Osama sized fury on all the people that have been trying to undo us with distraction. They have been burning down our house while trying to distract us with burning down other people’s houses. 28 little pages that could bring a November surprise at anytime and even abort an already coronated Hilary selection.

HIllary revealed her true colors with what she wanted to do with Julian Assange. People like Assange want transparency for stuff like the 28 pages. Assange was/is a citizen of Britain and Australia and he revealed to the US people the US people what a functioning media should have. For instance,. the Bush Admin assassinating EU journalist in Iraq. For this she wanted him extradited and executed. He is not even subject to US law and he took a civil action for the benefit of the US people and the world. Up for Nobel prizes and people’s choice for man of the year- but she wants him executed. He was only doing what Joe Wilson and Vallery Plame did, exposing corruption. But remember the anti whistle blower law under Bush?

With Hilary we would be getting the Nixon-Kissenger-Cheny-W.-Romney line back, instead of getting rid of them once and for all. Remember recently it came out that Nixon did with Vietnam what Regan did with Iran Contra. We need to be able to flush these people and their commerce first Powell memo down the drain. They are trying to reverse the results of the revolutionary war, the civil war and the Nixon removal. We do not needed rule by inherited money and monarchy. Our revolutionary fore fathers said it was better to be dead than to live under these and with the privilege based flaws in the senate even then Jefferson who called for a flushing every 30 years didn’t give us good odds.

coda Obama’s greatest achievement will be unleashing the solar revolution, even if he had to use HAARP to do it. HIllary talks lip service of 500 million new solar panels in the US in her first term but she is a Koch shill and pushed like no one else for it globally during the Bush years and not because it would give us distance from the mid East Oil dependence lie. Obama has tied her hands because she won’t be able to put this cat back in the bag, the cord is cut on oil an coal and natural, their sacred money and monarchy producing cow has been slain.