276000 pre orders for Tesla Model 3 or more than 11 Billion worth in first few days

Will it hit a million before two weeks or a month are up with a 40 billion dollar plus back order?

Think of all those oil tankers we can convert. Keep it all in the ground. Just the pre-orders over a 15 year period would be a 63 billion dollar hit to oil,gas revenue and of course even coal revenue- don’t for a moment think these purchasers don’t shift day to night solar with a battery or at least use wind back metering.


I wouldn’t call that a hit. Once the cars get built and sold, it will delay revenue, or maybe translate to less revenue (if they keep churning out the same quantity of fuels for a lower price).
It’s funny that Tesla doesn’t have money to actually build the freaking car, so they have to go deeper in debt. It’d be hilarious if they borrowed to a lot and then many people cancel their orders.
But no doubt president Hilary would bail them out.

I think President Hllary will do her best to be Oil and Gas’s savior. They did pay for her. If she gets in I fully expect stuff like saying oil and gas can’t be scaled back too fast because we have to balance profit and the rights of oppressors to oppression and we have to be careful not to upset stupid continued derivative bets- we can’t collapse the corrupt economy because then it wouldn’t make sense to save the world etc.
The only thing I expect out of her is invasion of Iran. She got a TBI or some no kind of Monarch work or something or is now part cybernetic. I don’t know what happened. Maybe a pure melt down last time over losing and then some psychological programming. She is a puppet of elites she will never do anything to harm their ill gotten wealth and power- pure facism.

LOL. It seems the cyborg industry got to Rubio as well. He had a serious software malfunction 3-4 weeks ago.
You’d think the cyborg industry would invest in something that can perform useful work, such as cyborg-prostitutes or cyborg-cooks, but here we have politicians such as Hilary and Marco as first use scenarios.
The Weapons of Mass Taxpayer Money Suction.