$25 App Contests for SAFE!

I had this idea on the trip and wanted to share

I think small App contests could be super powerful for SAFE. They are cheap, quick and effective, and could get people from all over to start creating all sorts of open source apps for SAFE, now!!

I was thinking of starting this on a weekly basis, to get people to come out to my Jacksonville FL SAFE Meetups, but the idea can also be used anywhere.

The Asia group might help fund mine if it’s successful (under certain conditions), or I might fund them, or maybe if there’s a big one then we could crowdsource a prize pool so we get a whole bunch of apps that week!

There’s lots of ideas and I’ll get this going ASAP. For my FL meetup competitions, I’ll advertise the @$#? out of them online and with local fliers etc, so we get as many entrants / apps as possible. Most bang for the $$

Let me know if anyone wants to adapt this idea or would be interested in trying it out on a small or large scale at some point!

Imagine how many apps we can start to see


That. I would raise the money bar a little to say $250 or $500 for the best app of the week/month and see what’s coming in. I’m willing to sponsor that. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a nice idea! I also think that 25/50$ is not enough to incentivize devs to create an app though. Maybe we can arrange something so we can have bigger bounties?


Bigger rewards would create more incentive, but I think it would be ok to try small prizes if the aim really is to get noticed and get people interested.

When people realise what SAFEnetwork is and what it offers, that’s also a big incentive.

Bigger incentives can also be tagged on later - so winners of the smaller awards go head to head for a bigger prize for example.


You got a point here but I don’t expect that people will get ‘triggered’ by a 25 or 50 dollar bounty if they’re not already triggered to create an app anyway.

But we’ll never know without trying so let’s see :smiley:


Yeah, that’s what I meant in fact. Make this a monthly or quarterly contest for the first year or so, to attract attention for Safe Network, the Safe Apostore etc. Since even the smallest app costs at least $1,000 to have it designed, build, tested, approved and distributed, it’s fair to raise the amount of the prize somewhat.


As a developper I’ll laught at a 25$ prize pool ! Let me add 50$ in the prize pool. Make it grow if you can afford !


Ya $25 isn’t too exciting. It would probably be good though for high school students etc

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I don’t think so, but a few hundred could. Software developpers students arent naive ^^

Ah this reminds me of Ludum Dare. The person gives a theme. Then people would build an app around that theme within the time scope.


Yeah I just didn’t want it to be toooo much of a financial drain on anyone, since I was planning to do it every week long term.

But yeah maybe the very first one I can advertise extra, and it can be $100 or something.

Definitely down to have larger ones with larger prices monthly or quarterly though! I can go to Orlando and partner with a big coworking lab or college or something and get a really huge one going with a bigger prize

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That would be very cool. If we all donate on here and/or get it sponsored by an institution we could try to create a huge one that might atrract some attention and talent.

MaidSafe Asia is definitely available for this

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Great ideas but we need to the network to be alive first.
Any reason you don’t develop for the MaidSafe itself?

they need much more specialized skills than what I have

I am just a web developer. They need very experienced rust / network devs. I’m just an app dev, and very happy with it :slight_smile: it suits me