2016 : Supreme Court Justice to Kill The Hyperlink

New legislation will allow the United States government to kill the basic hyperlink.

The new law wil interpret hyperlinks as a possible use of copyright infringement.
Of course they will be the judge of that.

I’m so thankful for Safe Network.

Safe Network should become a source of copyright free materials, news would be a good start.
Then there will be no legal way for them to claim it’s theirs or backlinks from the internets violates copyright laws.
This could be a mayor drive of growth for Safe Network.

// Hello Safe Network. This is my first post and I have been following the project for a while.
I think Safe is the best bet among other decentralised network projects.
It seems developers understand it needs practical use cases and here is where other projects
seem to fall short at this time. I haven’t checked them lately but last time I did it was all very abstract.

Safe to say it will be part of the first big wave of the decentralised web?

PS: don’t forget to share your insight on the main topic.



Sounds scary even though I doubt that it will happen. But even if it doesn’t happen in practice it shows the danger of centralized authorities making up Orwellian rules above the heads of us the people. SAFE will be safe from that kind of totalitarian abuse.

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I really don’t think the internet 1.0 will function long term what with ISPs being under the thumb of politicians. As long as government can influence the net and dictate policy through legislation instead of programming code and voluntary adoption then the internet is doomed to slowly crumble and fail.

um what … that article is logical gibberish… waste of time clickbait

like yea… i’m sure the supreme court will not allow Google and Microsoft (some of the richest companies in the USA) to re-publish content and links on their search engines… :joy:

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Hey prophetx,

Sure quality and style of articles on the net vary greatly, it’s not a clickbait.
Nor does this mean it’s not true and not going to happen.

But let me help you out here. This is what will happen.
Google and other search engines will happily omit quality links to real news that threats there monopoly.
If not law enforcement will kill the source, articles which lend information, link, or comment on will be deemed copyright infringement. So no more spreading the news with your own comment on it. Its about free speech.

I would require court documents to make this assessment. Drudge isn’t exactly a reliable source when it comes to what the Supreme Court will or won’t do. He’s just a guy that regularly misinterprets information for his own sake.

US Courts will most likely follow EU decision…which is…hyperlinks facilitate discovery of public information.

No harm. No foul.

He was told by a Supreme Court Justice, I heard him say.

In any case it’s not hard to see where this all is going.

And that is evidence? And it is hard to see because basically everything in the video and the article is really meaningless.

Not my point. But meaningless? How so?

thank you that’s what I thought :slight_smile: