$1bn/year to Green Robbers

It must be bad when even people from the NYT can’t stand it. :smile:

Another provision gives wind-energy producers a tax credit for the electricity they generate during a facility’s first 10 years of operation. This is one of the largest provisions, expected to cost nearly $10.5 billion over the next decade. The supporters of this 23-year-old credit initially argued that it was necessary to kick-start a nascent industry. Yet Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and others say wind power is cost-competitive with other energy sources. So why are taxpayers still forced to subsidize it?

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The more we subsidize green liberation the more we can save on defense, and the more real defense we actually get instead of just wasting defense money on Wall st… Very simple.

Warren maybe you missed the new that the Green Robber Barron is building a spaceship to bugger off from this planet as soon as he can fill the storage space with enough canned food to last him till he gets to Mars…

He knows this place is going down the toilet…

That is ominous. What if Mars is like the Iceland Greenland switch?

You saw the movie (The Martian), right? It’s like California - very dry, but you can grow nice organic potatoes.

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Saw it last night. Thought they did a good job of mirroring the book. Surprised out how quickly they could turn out the movie with that quality. Hope they do Andy Weir’s other book “The Egg.”