$140K ePlug (Meshnet + Crypto + IoT) crowdfunding on Lighthouse LAUNCH Feb 17th

We were going to use Kickstarter and IndieGogo for the crowdfunding, but they are not DE-centralized crowdfunding like Lighthouse, the whole theme of what we’re trying to accomplish and promote.

The Blockchain Operating System (BOS) and crypto-income has been expanded a bit this week too. Details will be listed on the crowdfunding page on the 17th.

For now, I am posting updates to twitter, here:

The ePlug is a tiny circuit board that resides i nside of “ePlug Certified” electrical outlets and light switches. The four different models are open source hardware and software and offer options for Meshnet (no more ISP!), distributed computing (no more servers!), crypto-income, end-to-end data encryption, deadzone-free WiFi, Timer, USB ports, temperature, touch, light and motion sensors for safety and security and LED’s for notifications and night-lighting.

The ePlug Whitepaper details its technical specs and MaidSafe integration: http://kenCode.de/projects

Lighthouse is brand spankin new so will need as much help as possible in this endeavor. Most people have never tried a DEcentralized platform, so this is gonna be tough. It’s worth it tho because it will shake up the big boys in the space.

Please tweet or email me if you have any questions at all, thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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Crowdfunding just went live on Lighthouse and I setup a pretty nice little Rewards program too.
Get paid in Bitcoin to help me spread the word…

Details: http://kenCode.de/projects/ePlug

Thanx! :slight_smile: